Syracuse University College of Law’s interactive online law degree provides student support through the Office of Student Life and the faculty. JDinteractive students have comparable access to programming and services, including academic counseling, student support, virtual tutors, study groups, bar exam preparation, and professional development.

An interactive online law degree program with a difference, just like residential law students, JDinteractive students engage with faculty for academic support and counseling. Faculty hold online office hours to answer questions and counsel online students regularly.

JDinteractive Coordinator

Lou Lou is the primary contact for JDi students. Before coming to the College of Law, she served nearly four years as a student advisor, including for pre-law students, at the College of Arts & Sciences. Before that, she was an adjunct professor of German at the University for nearly a decade. Lou Lou earned her B.A. (cum laude) from SUNY-Albany and her M.A. in German Language and Literature from Syracuse.

LouLou Delmarsh
Lou Lou Delmarsh

Contact Lou Lou with your questions at:


Additional Support Services


Interactive online law degree students are provided technical help via the Center for Online and Digital Learning and Information Technology Services (SU ITS). Tech support help is offered via phone, email, and online chat.


Through the library student services portal, reference librarians are happy to help with any questions JDi students may have regarding legal research, including locating books and online sources to support research projects and efficiently using Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and other research databases.



The College of Law is committed to providing all of our interactive online law degree students with personalized career and professional development services. Students in the JDinteractive program have access to the College’s Office of Career Services, including instruction related to drafting resumes, cover letters, and other job application materials; résumé review; mock job interviews; job search assistance; and guidance related to networking and professionalism.

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